Android ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputstream snippet

At first, make your object serializable and let the IDE (in my case Eclipse) generate a serialVersionUID for you:

Writing to files with serialization and writing objects to file:

Reading files with serialization and get it as object:

Thats it!


How to include ActionBarSherlock in your Android-Project

If you have problems to include ActionBarSherlock in your Android project (because of not generated or something) then follow this quick guide:

Include ActionBarSherlock as library in your Eclipse-Workspace.

Both project needs to compile with Android 4.0 or newer. And you must  specify a targetSdkVersion of 11 or higher in your application’s manifest .


If you want to develop for Android 2.1 then add this to your application’s manifest and also build your app with api-level 15 (Android 4.0.3)

Finally select “Project” -> “Clean” -> “Clean all projects” in Eclipse.